Baltika 0 Wheat

Baltika 0 Wheat

Baltika 0 Wheat

Baltika 0 Unfiltered Blond is a soft and refreshing beer with a unique flavor, ideal for quenching thirst. Thanks to the use of wheat malt, this beer has a fine aroma with spicy and citrus notes and a mat amber color peculiar of unfiltered beers.

Beer lovers will celebrate this beer. Especially if they can enjoy a glass of this alcohol-free beer in any circumstances, be it at work with partners and colleagues, hanging out with friends, even on the eve of a very special day when you have to get up early, and just when you would like to freshen up on a hot day.

Baltika 0 Unfiltered Blond is an alcohol-free beer produced with the use of the membrane filtration technology, which carefully removes alcohol from the finished beer.

We employ advanced technologies to let the new alcohol-free beer Baltika 0 preserve everything beer fans love about wheat beer — soft touch, rich flavor, and pungent aroma.

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Purified drinking water, light barley malt, brewing barley, wheat malt, malt extract, complex food additive "Spice", hop products.