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Carlsberg Kazakhstan Ltd believes that the company’s beer brands are made to meet its customers’ needs and their responsible consumption of alcohol. Beer brands are made only for adult consumers who are already 21 years old that have adopted a responsible attitude to their consumption. Any cases of this principle violation should be avoided.

Introduction (Site) is run by Carlsberg Kazakhstan Ltd (we, our). We are registered in in Kazakhstan, identification code: 21908-1910-ТОО (ИУ). Company’s registered address: 270 V, Kazybayev str., Almaty, 050014, Kazakhstan. Our affiliates may work on this Site or contribute to the Site development for a certain time period. Our affiliates include any of our subsidiaries or holding companies as well as any subsidiaries of any holding company.

These terms of use (along with documents referred to herein) include the terms of use, under which you may use our Website as a guest or a registered user. Our Website usage means accessing, browsing our Website and registering on it to use our Website.

Before using our website, read carefully these terms of use as they bear on our Website usage by you. We also recommend reading our confidentiality policy and cookies policy, and printing out a copy of this document for further use. By receiving access to our Website and using it, you acknowledge that you accept these terms of use and agree to comply with them. The terms of use represent a legally executed agreement between you and us, which may be amended only upon our consent. These terms are considered along with other relevant terms and conditions stated below as well as any data posted on our Website on how the Website and available services work.


If you disagree with these terms of use, we ask you to stop using our Website without delay.

Other relevant terms and conditions

These terms of use are relevant to the following additional terms and conditions, which are relevant to our Website use as well:

  • Our confidentiality policy defining the terms and conditions, under which we process any personal data collected from you or supplied by you, guarantees that all the data provided by you to us are accurate. You in your turn give your consent to the collection and processing of personal data, including their cross-border transmission.
  • Our cookies policy providing information on such files on our Website. By using our Website, you agree to use cookies on our Website.
  • Our acceptable use policy, which defines the permitted and prohibited types of using our Website. When using our Website, you must follow this acceptable use policy.

Changes in the terms of use and the Website

We reserve a right to change these terms of use from time to time without any prior notification by changing the same on our Website. Please check this page from time to time and pay attention to all the changes made as they are binding upon you.

We can update our Website from time to time and change its content at any time. However, you should keep in mind that our Website content can be outdated at a certain moment of time and we are not obliged to update it.

We do not guarantee that our Website or its content includes no errors or omissions.

Access to our Website

Access to our Website is free.

We do not guarantee that our Website or its content will be always and continuously accessible or will include no errors. Access to our website is permitted temporarily. We may suspend, cancel, stop, or change our Website, whether in full or in part, without warning. We assume no liability toward you, if our Website is unavailable for any reason at any time or during a certain time period.

You assume responsibility for taking all the necessary steps aimed at obtaining access to our Website. You are also aware that we cannot guarantee and do not guarantee that any content of our Website contains no program viruses and/or any other code with unwanted or harmful properties. You are responsible for proper procedures and verifications aimed at detecting any viruses (including antivirus and other safety checks) to meet your special requirements for data input and output safety and reliability.

You must also make sure that all the persons given access to our Website via your Internet connection must know these terms of use and other relevant terms and that they meet these requirements.

Our Website is designed for individuals residing in Republic of Kazakhstan. We do not specify that the content available on our Website or accessed by following links on it is relevant or available in other territories. We may, at any time, limit access to our Website or any service or product described on our Website for any person or geographic zone. If you decide to obtain access to our Website by following an external link of a local country, you do it at your own risk.

Our Website should not be abused by planting various viruses (Trojan horses and the like), logic bombs, and other data containing a harmful code. One should not seek unauthorized access or hinder our Website proper work and, particularly, must not avoid any safety tools, interfere with the Site work, hack or otherwise disturb the work of our Site or any computer system, server, router, or any other device connected to the Internet. We can limit access to certain functions or parts of our Site or the entire Site from time to time.


If you are to complete a registration form or supply any other data, such information must be true, accurate, and full. You should notify us of any changes in information you supplied without delay.

If you choose a user identification code, a password, or other data as part of our safety procedures on your own or if the same is assigned to you, you must consider such information confidential and may not disclose it to any third parties. We may block, at any time, any identification code or password chosen by you or assigned by us, if, in our opinion, you failed to comply with these terms of use.

If you know or suspect that someone else knows your identification code or password, you should immediately notify us thereof via [email protected].

Intellectual property rights

Unless provided otherwise, we are the owner or the licensee of all the intellectual property rights on our Website and own the content published on it. Such intellectual property items are protected by copyright laws and agreements across the world. All such rights are reserved.

We have the right to use licensee of the trademarks appearing on our Website as well as all the trade names, logos, and identity elements associated with them, unless stated otherwise.

You may print out one copy of extracts or materials and download the same from our Website only for your personal use and the copied material must contain notes about copyright or other title holder notices. No changes may be made to hardcopy or digital copies of any materials that you printed out or downloaded from the Site and no illustrations, photos, videos or audios or any graphs may be used separately from any accompanying text.

Such downloading or copying of materials from the Site involves no transfer of any rights, patents, or interest on any so downloaded materials or software. You may not use the material posted on our Site otherwise (including through reproduction of, but not limited to, publications, changes or distribution) without our prior written consent.

Our legal position (and that of any of the defined authors of publications) as the authors of the content posted on our Site must always be confirmed.

It is forbidden to use any part of the content placed on our Site for commercial purposes without obtaining a license from us or our licensors.

In case of printing out, copying, or downloading any material placed on our Site in contradiction to these terms of use, your right to use our Site is terminated without delay and you must return or destroy (at your discretion) any copies of materials made by you.

Data accuracy


Information on our Site is provided for reference only. We will reasonably do our best to ensure the accuracy of information on our Site, but the content, comments, surveys, and other materials published on our Site are not designed for the audience as consultations to be trusted. We recommend having professional or specialized consultations before carrying out any activities or forbearing from the same based on the content of our Site.

We provide no explanations or guarantees, whether evident or not evident, that any information is accurate, full or relevant, and to the maximum extent required by law; we assume no liability for any loss or damage caused as a result of your trust in information or any person you disclose such information to. If you find on our website any inaccurate information, please contact us and we will try and correct it as soon as possible, if we conclude that it is inaccurate.


Responsibility for any feedbacks posted on our Site is taken by their authors and we share their opinions in no way.

We provide no explanations or guarantees, whether evident or not evident, with respect to any such impressions or feedbacks, including whether they are real or accurate, and we assume no liability in connection with this to the maximum extent stipulated by law.


Any contest held or advertised on our site is regulated by the terms and conditions typical of this contest.

Links to this and other websites

We may provide links from time to time, which will permit you to get access to other websites from our Site. These other sites are not controlled by us and, unless stated otherwise, we publish no materials on such websites. When going to these websites, you leave the zone we control, so we may assume no liability for any problems due to your data being used by third parties, the content of our sites or products or services offered to you by such sites.

We reserve a right to prohibit, at our discretion, any links from the other website to materials or information posted on our Site.

Our responsibility

Although we hope that our Site will be interesting for users, we exclude from the scope of protection all the terms, statements, and assurances or other conditions that may apply, in cases stipulated by law, to our Site or any content posted on it, whether evident or not evident. We will not be held liable with respect to any user for any loss or damage, regardless of whether such liability is contractual or extra-contractual (including negligence), default on obligations imposed by law or other types of liability, even if such liability is stipulated and arises from or in connection with:

  • the use of or impossibility to use our Site; or
  • the use of or trust in any content placed on our Site.

If you use our Site as a consumer, we will not be liable with respect to you for any profit loss, performance decline, performance suspension, or omitted commercial opportunities. We assume liability only for any losses that are reasonably foreseen.

If you use our site as a commercial user, we assume no liability with respect to you for any:

  • profit loss, sales decline, business activity decline, or income loss;
  • suspension of activities;
  • loss of anticipated savings;
  • omitted commercial opportunities, reputation loss; or
  • indirect or side-effect loss or damage.

We assume no liability for any loss or damage caused by a virus, a DDoS attack, or any other technically harmful material, which may infect your computer equipment, computer programs, data or other patented material as a result of using our Site or downloading/uploading any content from/to the Site or any website linked to it.

We assume no liability or responsibility for the content of the websites providing links to our Site. Such links must not be interpreted as our approval of the websites linked to us. We assume no liability for loss or damage that can result from their use.

We exclude or restrict our liability toward you in no way where such restrictions would be in conflict with the laws.

Uploading the content to our Site

Every time you use the function permitting to upload the content to our Site or contact with other users of our Site, you must follow the content standards determined by our acceptable use policy.

You guarantee that any such material publication meets the said standards and you assume liability toward us and undertake to indemnify our damages for any violation of this guarantee.

Any content you upload to our Site will be considered non-confidential and non-patented. You hold all property rights to this content, but you must provide to us a limited license to use, store, and copy this content, distribute and provide access to third parties. The rights you redelegate to us are described in the next section (Rights you redelegate).

We can disclose your identity to any third party, who claims that any content published on or uploaded by you to the Site violates their intellectual property rights or their rights to confidentiality.

We assume no liability toward any third party for the content or accuracy of any content placed by you or any other users of our Site.

We have a right to delete any publications on our Site, if, in our opinion, your publication does not meet the content standards stated in our acceptable use policy.

Opinions expressed by other users on our Site do not reflect our point of view or the company’s values.

You alone are responsible for protecting and creating a backup copy of your content.

Rights you redelegate

When you upload or publish the content on our Site, you give us a limitless, non-exceptional, and free license with a right of redelegation valid in all the countries of the world to use, reproduce, prepare derivative goods, reflect and produce the content created by the user in connection with the service provided by our Site and various means of mass information, including advertisements on this Site.


We acknowledge that this Site must be accessible and simple in its use regardless of technology or possibilities.

Although we want to use acceptable directives and standards for the accessibility and convenient use of the website, this cannot be always done in all the areas of our Site. The content provided by our third-party partners and users of the Site may not meet the said directives and standards.

We always wish to improve the level of accessibility and convenient use of our Site. If, in your opinion, any material needs to be improved or you have difficulties with this Site usage, please contact us.

General provisions

Any official notices should be sent to our registered address stated above.

Our failure to ensure a right does not lead to this right waiver. According to these terms of use, you may not redelegate or transfer your rights.

If any part of these terms of use is considered invalid from a legal perspective, all other parts of these terms of use remain in force and have legal effect.

If you are an economic entity, these terms of use, their content and creation procedure (and any extra-contractual disputes or lawsuits) are regulated by the laws of Kazakhstan. Both parties to these terms accept solely the jurisdiction of the courts of Kazakhstan.


If you experience any problems with our Site or wish to comment on the Site’s materials, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected].


These terms of use were last updated in January 2019.